Maine History Web Resources

  • The Abbe Museum - The Abbe Museum is dedicated to all things related to the Wabnaki peoples of Maine which are the Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Micmac and Maliseet Native American tribes. The museum website offers a history of the tribes, a map showing the reservations, a timeline of Wabnaki history in Maine and much more.
  • Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Museum - Interested in Maine in the Civil War, specifically the “Hero of Little Round Top?”  Go to this site sponsored by Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick and the Pejepscot Historical Society. Here you will find a brief biography of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain as well as other information pertaining to his life and times.
  • Maine Folklife Center - In the University of Maine’s Maine Folklife Center website's research section, you will find, among other information, overviews of boat building in Maine, including interviews with local boatbuilders; information on regional foods, like the beans used for traditional Maine baked beans; and a history of Eastern Fine Paper Company – papermaking historically being one of the most important industries in Maine.
  • Maine Historic Preservation Commission - In the National Register of Historic Places section of this website, you can find a listing of the Maine properties which have been added to the National Register.  In the Archaeology section, you will find overviews of Maine’s archeological history as well as links to other sources of interest.
  • Maine Memory Network - A product of the Maine Historical Society, the Maine Memory Network is a statewide digital museum providing access to over 12,000 historical items from over 180 museums, historical societies, libraries and other organizations all over Maine.  There is a special page just for schools on the website that provides resources for learning about Maine and teaching Maine history.
  • Maine State Archives - The Researchers section of the Maine State Archives website provides access to historical records such as marriage records from 1892-1996 and death records from 1960-1996. At the bottom of the page click on the “Revolution” link and you’ll find Revolutionary War Land Grant and Pension Application information; click on “Civil War” and you’ll find images and first-hand accounts of soldiers and battles. These are just two of the links to Maine history on the Archives website.
  • Maine State Museum - From the Maine State Museum website, you can take virtual tours of the Museum’s exhibits such as “12,000 Years in Maine” profiling the history of peoples in Maine or “Maine Bounty” which profiles Maine’s industrial history.
  • Penobscot Marine Museum - This online database is a "virtual museum" of records and images of items in the collections of Penobscot Marine Museum.
  • Virtual Norumbega - This website offers links to archaeological sites in New England; historic maps and documents; a section of educational resources; and a material culture section offering images of tools and artifacts from the history of Norumbega (a term once used for this region until “New England” became the norm).