Selected Civil War Resources


  • The Civil War:150 Years
    The National Park Service Sesquicentennial Commemoration
  • The American Civil War Homepage
    Numerous general links; secession, music, biographical links-Federal and Confederate; histories, public and personal documents, state and local studies, battles, regimental histories (north and south), fictional accounts and images.
  • The Civil War
    Over 7,000 pages of “original content”: photographs, illustrations, eyewitness accounts; online version of Harper’s Weekly published during the Civil War; summarized history and links, including slavery.
  • The Civil War Archive
    Union and Confederate regimental histories, soldiers’ letters and diaries, battle reports, round tables by state, Union corps histories.
  • The Civil War Project
    Search by state; handy timeline, and links include: “Black Confederates”, “Interesting Facts”, “Papers of Jefferson Davis”, “Avalon Project Confederate States of America Documents”, and a number of others, followed by mailing lists.
  • Nicknames-Bits of Blue and Gray
    Nicknames for regiments and brigades-invitation by author to submit additions.
  • Tenny’s Civil War Page
    Alphabetical listing of many interesting links.
  • Index of Civil War Information Available On the Internet
    By Dick Weeks, Louisiana State University, listing of useful websites.
  • Civil War
    General site with links to weapons, battles, people, slavery, current historical events, many round tables, etc.


  • Access Genealogy-U.S. Military Resources for the Civil War
    Search records, Civil War cemeteries, databases (free and fee), battlefield maps and records by state; individual name search links to
  • The American Civil War
    This site offers a number of links, such as “Army and Home Life”, “Maps”, “Movies and TV”, “Slavery and Emancipation”, etc. “Genealogy” is especially good.
  • A Brief Introduction to Genealogy and the American Civil War
    Leads to information on what unit “your soldier” served in, what states were Confederate, and pensions.
  • Finding a Civil War Ancestor
    By Donna Speer Ristenbatt, Links to resources, and advice on obtaining military records, and a few biographies.
  • Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System
    National Park Service, Search for 6.3 million soldiers and sailors, regimental participation, prisons, Medal of Honor recipients, and national parks; cemeteries and monuments may be added in the future-instructions also given for ordering copies of service records from the National Archives.