Accessing Digital Maine Library

The Digital Maine Library offers Maine residents access to a wide variety of subscription content including : newspapers, magazines, journal articles, genealogy tools and learning resources for all ages. Because the subscription content is licensed only for users within Maine or Maine library patrons, you will likely need to provide information proving you are authorized to access the system.

Geoauthentication - the easiest way to access content

If you are visiting the Digital Maine Library from a computer located in Maine, you may be able to easily access content by simply geoauthenticating into the system. If geoauthentication is an option for you, you will see a message in your browser asking you if you want to share your location. Click the blue "Use My Location" button to allow the system to verify that your location is within Maine. For more information about geoauthentication or privacy protections for users, click here.

Using your Library Card - if you unable to or don't want to geoauthenticate

If geoauthentication is not provided as an option, you can also access Digital Maine Library subscription content using a library card from a participating Maine library, including libraries in the MILS, Minerva or URSUS systems. Patrons of Portland Public Library are also eligible to use the system. When you reach subscription content in the system, you may be asked to provide your last name and barcode number from your library card. See the list below for more information about participating libraries:

URSUS Libraries

  • University of Maine System libraries
  • Bangor Public Library
  • Maine State Library
  • Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library
  • Maine State Archives

List of MILS Libraries

MILS Public Libraries by library name.
Library Name City/Town Library Phone
Berwick Public Library Berwick 207.698.5737
Bethel Library Association Bethel 207.824.2520
Community Library Lyman 207.499.7114
D.A. Hurd Library North Berwick 207.676.2215
Hubbard Free Library Hallowell 207.622.6582
Libby Memorial Library Old Orchard Beach 207.934.4351
Liberty Library Liberty 207.589.3161
Lisbon Library Lisbon Falls 207.353.6564
Mechanic Falls Public Library Mechanic Falls 207.345.9450
Paris Public Library South Paris 207.743.6994
Parsons Memorial Library Alfred 207.324.2001
Ricker Memorial Library Poland 207.998.4601
South Berwick Public Library South Berwick 207.384.3308
Springvale Public Library Springvale 207.324.4624
Thomaston Public Library Thomaston 207.354.2453
Vose Library Union 207.785.4733
Winslow Public Library Winslow 207.872.1978
Wiscasset Public Library Wiscasset 207.882.7161
Maine Medical Center Library Portland 207.761.3027
Dorothy Fish Coastal Resource Library, Wells Reserve Wells 207.646.2930
MILS Academic Libraries by library name.
Library Name City/Town Library Phone
Kennebec Valley Community College - Lunder Library Fairfield 207.453.5194

List of Minerva Libraries

Minerva Public Libraries by library name.
Library Name City/Town Library Phone
Minerva Academic Libraries by library name.
Library Name City/Town Library Phone
Central Maine Community College Library Auburn 207.755.5494
Eastern Maine Community College Library Bangor 207.974.4641
Husson University Library Bangor
Maine College of Art & Design - Joanne Waxman Library Portland 207.772.5069
Maine Maritime Academy - Nutting Memorial Library Castine 207.326.2261
Northern Maine Community College - Edmunds Library Presque Isle 207.768.2823
Saint Joseph's College - Wellehan Library Standish 207.893.7883
Southern Maine Community College Library South Portland
Thomas College Library Waterville 207.859.1114
Unity Environmental University - Dorothy W. Quimby Library Unity
Washington County Community College Library Calais 207.454.1053
York County Community College Library Wells