Maine State Library Hosts Program and Discussion on Work in Maine

Augusta - What does it mean to be a worker in Maine? What are the challenges and opportunities for people trying to make ends meet in a rapidly changing economy? On Friday, August 15, the Maine State Library will host an evening performance of “Maine at Work” followed by a discussion on the future of work in Maine. The program starts at 6:00 PM at the Maine State Library and is free and open to the public.

Within a meticulously researched performance, Maine at Work takes historical documents and characters, humor, little known facts, thought-provoking tales (tall and otherwise), and perspectives from real Mainers to show the pattern of work in Maine. It's designed to be fun and to get Mainers thinking about the issues. The dynamic and provocative David Greenham will present this 30-minute performance, followed by a lively discussion.

The Maine at Work program is sponsored by the Maine Humanities Council and is part of a larger series “What it Means to be a Mainer: Conversations within Communities,” designed to encourage civil public discourse on urgent state and local issues.

For more information about the Maine at Work program, visit: