State Library Launches Wireless Printing for Laptops and Mobile Devices

Augusta - Wireless printing from laptops, iPads and even cellphones is now an option for patrons at the Maine State Library in Augusta, thanks to some recent technology upgrades.

Starting this week, mobile device users can access library printers by sending their files by email, using a web portal or downloading an app to their phone or tablet. The cost for printing is $.15 per page and print jobs must be retrieved within two hours.

The move comes as a growing share of the population shifts to mobile devices as their primary access to the internet. According to the PewResearch Internet Project, 63 percent of adult cell owners use their phones to access the internet, and for nearly a third of that population, their mobile device is their primary source for access to information online.

“The library is a critical service point for people needing access to technology, and we see a steady stream of patrons every day using the library’s public computers to print off school assignments, government forms, résumés and job applications,” said James Ritter, Director of Reader and Information Services at the Maine State Library. “This new service saves them a step by allowing them to print directly from their own device.”

For more information or to access wireless printing, please visit the Maine State Library.