Ellsworth Librarians Participate in Professional Certification Initiative

Picture of Ellsworth Librarians Holding Certificates

Photo of Ellsworth Librarians and their Certificates

Photo Courtesy of Ellsworth Public Library

Ellsworth- Librarians at the Ellsworth Public Library are seeking certification under a recently launched professional development credential developed by the Maine State Library. The program is voluntary and includes three tiers of training on core competencies related to professional library service.

The curriculum includes 190 online courses, archived webinars, workshops and special institutes. The Maine State Library subscribes to online course content on behalf of Maine librarians and access to the archived webinars is free.

The certification initiative launched in 2013 and nearly 92 librarians around the state are in some active stage of the credentialing process.

“What makes Ellsworth unique is the fact that their entire staff is taking part,” said Linda Lord, Maine State Librarian. “When librarians invest in upgrading their own skills, they become an even greater resource to the patrons they serve in their communities.”

For more information on the Voluntary Public Librarian Certification Program, visit the Maine State Library website at http://www.maine.gov/msl/libs/ce/libcert.shtml


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Picture of Ellsworth Librarians Holding Certificates