Google Partners with Maine State Library for a Day Full of Digital Skills Workshops

Augusta, Maine- Visiting Google presenters and coaches hosted free 'Grow with Google' workshops today at Augusta's Lithgow Public Library, with onsite instruction provided to local small businesses, jobseekers and nonprofit leaders on integral digital skills necessary in todays business environment. Grow with Google is the tech companys initiative to help create economic opportunities for people across America.

"As a Maine native and Google employee, I'm excited to have brought 'Grow with Google' workshops to my home state. It's essential for business owners to understand how they can harness the power of the web for their benefit, especially here in Maine, where over 99% of the businesses are small ones.Google partners with Maine State Library for a day full of digital skills workshops" said Google's Jamie Vachon.

Google worked with the library and other Augusta organizations to attract attendees for a full day of workshops introducing local businesses and residents can use free Google tools and resources to find the jobs they want, advance their careers and grow their businesses. Area nonprofits - libraries, government agencies, educational institutions and more - were also introduced to the Google Partner Program; a free network for local organizations which provides a range of training content, tools and promotional materials and best practices to continue sharing 'Grow with Google resources with their community. Grow with Google currently has over 5,000 partner organizations enrolled nationwide, and is growing with each workshop.

The stop in Augusta is part of a nationwide Grow with Google effort to bring in-person workshops to job seekers and small businesses across the country. Specifically, Grow with Google aims to help address the skills gap by preparing Americans for middle-skill jobs, which typically require technical knowledge, but not necessarily four year degrees. Since launching in October, 2017, Grow with Google has trained more than three million Americans both online and in person.

Public libraries have been natural and valuable partners in bringing Grow with Google resources to communities across the country. According to the American Library Association, nearly three-quarters of libraries already have job development programming in place and 90% are helping patrons learn basic digital skills. Beginning November 14, libraries in Maine will be able to apply for funding to kickstart their own digital skills programming. Last year, Grow with Google committed $1 million to libraries across the country through their partnership with the American Library Association.

"Libraries in Maine have always served as hubs for lifelong learning, and in recent years, there has been a concerted effort to utilize that role to increase digital awareness and skills in communities across the state," said Lithgow Public Library Director Sarah-Schultz Nielsen. "It was such a thrill to welcome Google here for this event to help close the digital skills gap in our area, but the work is far from over and we look forward to continuing to help people in our community with ongoing skills training and access to digital services."

In their 2018 Economic Impact Report, Google announced that 3,600 businesses in Maine generated $560 million in economic activity by using Googles search and advertising tools. The full report details Googles economic impact state-by-state, and features the stories of businesses fueling that growth, creating job opportunities, and transforming their communities.

About Grow with Google'
Grow with Google draws on Googles 20-year history of building products, platforms, and services that help people and businesses grow. Through this initiative, we aim to help everyone across America those who make up the workforce of today and those who will drive the workforce of tomorrow access the best of Googles training and tools to grow their skills, careers, and businesses. For more information, please visit