Imani's Moon

Imani's Moon

Reviewed by: Kathy George - Gray Public Library, Gray, Southern Maine Library District

Review Date: December 8, 2014


Let nothing nor anyone stop you in whatever you wish in life. Imani, a small Maasai girl wants to do something big! But at each try- she is teased and made to feel inadequate by children in the village. As low as she feels after each attempt- it is the calm, quiet, soothing words and stories of her mother that give her the courage to try again until success is hers. With a text that is encouraging not didactic and beautiful, bright illustrations that take the reader to the Maasai village, this message of confidence and determination is conveyed to the reader in a beautiful book.

Overall Book Score: excellent

About the Book


Brown-Wood, JaNay

Illustrator: Mitchell, Hazel

Illustration Quality: excellent

Publisher: Macinac Island Press

Book Type: picture book fiction


Audience: preschool, grades k-3

Binding Type: reinforced trade binding

Binding Quality: excellent

ISBN: 9781934133576

Price: 17.99

This Book's Maine Connection: Maine illustrator