Fifty years ago, the State of Maine passed a law that said: "To protect the public health, safety and welfare, it is declared to be the policy of this State to keep continually in review all practices infringing on the basic human right to a life with dignity, and the causes of these practices, so that corrective measures may, where possible, be promptly recommended and implemented."  [MORE]

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The MHRC continues to operate, via remote communication/participation, during the COVID19 pandemic. Please contact us at or 207-624-6290 with questions. [more]

Changes in Commission procedure during COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic: The Commission is accepting filings/submissions by e-mail. To make that possible, we need people who are filing/submitting by email to do the following: (1) Indicate on the filing how they are submitting it (email, US Mail, fax, hand-delivery, combination of methods) so we know what to expect; (2) Check with the other party/ies to ensure they can receive an electronic filing (some people don't have email/computers or access to them now); and (3) Send a copy of the filing to the other party in the format they require with a copy to Executive Director Amy Sneirson (click to view email address) we do not accept submissions emailed to us that require us to do file-sharing, or use proprietary database/electronic data management systems.

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