MHRC's Hybrid Operations during Covid-19

The MHRC's operations are continuing via hybrid processes that involve some in-person/on-site and some remote processes, with many of the changes made regarding electronic filings and participation continuing on. 

The Commission will continue to accept filings/submissions by e-mail along with US Mail, fax, and delivery. 

People/parties/lawyers who are filing/submitting documents are required to do the following:

(1) Indicate on the filing how they are submitting it (email, US Mail, fax, hand-delivery, combination of methods) so we know what to expect; and

(2) If the filing/submission is being done only electronically/via email, check with the other party or lawyer for a party to ensure they can receive an electronic filing (some people don't have email/computers or access to them now); and

(3) Send a copy of the filing to the other party in the format they require with a copy to Executive Director Amy Sneirson (click to view email address) or to the investigator to whom the case has been assigned, once it has been assigned to an investigator.

Electronic-only filings that do not meet these requirements will be rejected. For more information, please see our procedural rule at 2.02(E) and 2.05(B), available here.

**We do not accept submissions emailed to us that require us to do file-sharing, or use proprietary database/electronic data management systems.**

The Commission will be returning to in-person public meetings as of August 23, 2021, unless there is an emergency. 

  • Public meetings will be held at the Commission's building at 19 Union Street in Augusta, in a large conference room on the third floor. 
  • The building is open to the public in a public entrance by the rear parking lot. There is detailed information on our website regarding our building.
  • The Commission will continue allowing remote participation in (and YouTube livestream) of meetings per a newly-adopted Policy you can view here: LINK.
  • We will try to limit persons physically in the conference room at any one time.
    • The Commission will adopt two morning sessions and (if necessary) two afternoon sessions. 
    • As each hearing agenda is finalized, you will be advised about what time you should be in the conference room (and when you should not be).
    • Only the person presenting for each party should be present at the meeting physically as others can view or listen to the proceedings via phone or YouTube. Each party will be asked to identify the person presenting ahead of the hearing.
    • All attendees will be required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. 
      • State CDC guidance on masks aside, all state employees are required to wear masks unless they are vaccinated and have registered with central administration officials. 
      • Also, many state employees working in this building might be vaccinated but have household members who are not vaccinated. 
    • When a party or counsel is presenting, their mask may be off but must be put back on when the presentation is completed.