Laws & Guidance

MHRC Rules & Regulations

The following links will take you to the rules maintained on the Secretary of State website. Please check under Proposed/Adopted Changes to your left to be sure that the rules have not been changed or superseded by statute.

  • Chapter 2: Procedural Rule (PDF)
  • Chapter 3: Employment Regulations of the MHRC (PDF)
  • Chapter 4: Equal Educational Opportunity Regulations (PDF)
    • see also 1/22/2016 Commission Counsel guidance on sexual orientation discrimination in school settings
  • Chapter 4A: Equal Educational Opportunity Procedural Rule (PDF)
  • Chapter 5: Public Accommodation Regulations in Public Conveyances (PDF)
  • Chapter 6: Accessibility Requirements for Public Accommodations & Places of Employment (REPEALED)
  • Chapter 7: Public Accommodation Regulations (PDF)
  • Chapter 8: Housing Regulations (PDF)
  • Chapter 9: Housing Procedural Rule (REPEALED)