Employee Title Email Address
Amy Sneirson Executive Director Amy.Sneirson@mhrc.maine.gov
Barbara Archer Hirsch Commission Counsel Barbara.ArcherHirsch@mhrc.maine.gov
Kit Thomson Crossman Deputy Commission Counsel Kit.ThomsonCrossman@mhrc.maine.gov
Melody Piper Operations Director Melody.Piper@mhrc.maine.gov
Brittany Munzing Secretary Associate Legal  Brittany.Munzing@mhrc.maine.gov
Chelsey Krechmer Secretary Associate Legal Chelsey.Krechmer@mhrc.maine.gov
Jennifer Manzano Ruz Secretary Associate Legal Jennifer Manzano-Ruz@mhrc.maine.gov
Jane O'Reilly Lead Investigator Jane.OReilly@mhrc.maine.gov
Bob Beauchesne Investigator Robert.Beauchesne@mhrc.maine.gov
Alex Brindley  Investigator Alex.Brindley@mhrc.maine.gov
Courtney Burne Investigator Courtney.Burne@mhrc.maine.gov
Heather Leavitt-Soni Investigator Heather.Leavitt-Soni@mhrc.maine.gov
Angela Morse Investigator Angela.Morse@mhrc.maine.gov
Intake Intake Questionnaire Materials Intake@mhrc.maine.gov
Request Information Requests Request@mhrc.maine.gov

Organizational Structure

The Commission appointed Amy M. Sneirson as its Executive Director in December of 2011. The Executive Director appoints and supervises the Commission's staff.

The Commission has four major divisions.


The Administration Division is the division responsible for the effective operation of the office. Responsibilities include all personnel functions along with budget and other fiscal duties. Support is provided to other divisions.

Melody Piper is the Commission's Operations Director, providing assistance with budget, finance, grant contracts, technology, human resources and other areas to assist the Executive Director.  Brittany MunzingChelsey Krechmer and Jennifer Manzano-Ruz are responsible for case processing, and front office support. 


The Investigation Division is responsible for all aspects of case processing from determining whether or not allegations are legally sufficient to constitute a complaint of discrimination within the jurisdiction of the Maine Human Rights Act, to issuing Investigator's Reports which analyze facts and apply the law of discrimination and relevant Court decisions and recommending specific findings to the Commission.

The Commission's Investigators are Robert Beauchesne,  Jane O'Reilly, Alex BrindleyKit Thomson Crossman, Courtney Burne and Heather.Leavitt-Soni, and Angela Morse.


This division is responsible for litigation activity as well as providing legal advice to the staff and Commission. The Commission Counsel assures Investigator's Reports are litigation worthy, provides legal opinions, drafts legislation and proposed regulations, litigates cases and advises the Executive Director on contract matters involving governmental agencies and private parties. Barbara Archer Hirsch was appointed as Commission Counsel in September, 2013. Kit Thomson Crossman is the Commission's Deputy Commission Counsel.


The Compliance Division is responsible for all settlement efforts of the agency. Lead Investigator Jane O'Reilly oversees Compliance division activities and has direct responsibility for negotiating conciliation agreements after findings of reasonable grounds and conducting both written and on site monitoring of such agreements to insure that terms are met. This division sets overall negotiation strategy, reviews and monitors pre-determination settlement agreements, and facilitates the Commission's Third Party Neutral Mediation Program.

Staff complaint policy.