Labor Posters

State of Maine Required Posters

Telephone: Maine Department of Labor 623-7900


Telephone: Maine Department of Labor 623-7900

Maine Workers' Compensation Comm. 287-3751

Federal, State, and Other Posters

For a complete list of posters required under Federal Law, as well as optional posters, please visit the U.S. Department of Labor's Poster Page.

Please choose any or all of the attached Human Trafficking posters. Please note: all employers who are on the following list are required to display one of these posters in a public area.

  • A Department of Labor career center
  • An office that provides services under the Governor's Jobs Initiative Program under section 2031
  • A hospital or facility providing emergency medical services that is licensed under Title 22, section 1811
  • An eating and lodging place licensed under Title 22, chapter 562
  • An adult entertainment nightclub or bar, adult spa, establishment featuring strippers or erotic dancers or other sexually oriented business
  • A money transmitter licensed under Title 32, chapter 80, subchapter 1
  • A check cashing business or foreign currency exchange business registered under Title 32, chapter 80, subchapter 2

List of Human Trafficking Posters

Maine Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Network (Maine STEN) Human Trafficking Posters