Mediation Payment Portal

Credit Card Processing Instructions:

If you elected to participate in our Neutral 3rd Party Mediation Program, you will receive an Invoice for your portion of the mediator fee. The standard fee is $275 per party unless the Executive Director indicated otherwise.

If you wish to pay by credit card, please use the PAY NOW button to the right. In order to properly apply payment for your mediation, please indicate the following in the description field. 

Your Case #, and if you are paying the fee as the Complainant OR Respondent. 

TO assist us in applying your payment properly, after you select one of the payment button options; you will be taken to the Credit Card Processing portal where you should enter the following in the Description field; 

Example online payment below: Payment DESCRIPTION box field: A Complainant is billed $275 for mediation in case E22-0001. They would enter:   E22-0001 - Complainant  (or E10-0001- C) in the Description box. This is important when credit card holder names are different than the names of the parties listed in the complaint.  This commonly happens when attorneys are paying for their clients.

Payment portal example

If you are a respondent and wish to pay 100% of the cost of the mediation for both parties, please use the pay $550 button.

NOTE: If you filed the commission complaint, you are the Complainant. If this case was filed against you, or the entity you are affiliated with, you are the Respondent.

Standard mediation fee credit card payment info:

We have provided a simple secure online express checkout using the State of Maine's payment processor's portal to simplify payment. You may also mail us a check. NOTE: Any check payments submitted need to be received before your mediation can be held.

Express Checkout links:

  • Link to pay for mediation by credit card if you wish to pay a fee of $275.00 (charge for one party, equals half of the total cost of mediation).
  • Link to pay for mediation by credit card if you wish to pay the full fee of $550.00 for both parties (pays the full cost of mediation).