InforME Board

The InforME Board, as created by the InforME Access to Public Information Act, is a 17-member entity that combines government and private business interests, education and association representation, all focused on creating the policy that will drive this comprehensive gateway network. Board members include state agencies who are major data custodians, a representative from the University of Maine System, one member from a municipalities association, a non-profit organization advancing citizens' rights of access to information, and a representative from the libraries. Most Board members are appointed by the Governor, with the exception of one public member appointed by the state House and one by the Senate.

The Board approved the State's master contract with Maine Information Network (MIN) and reviews and approves all Service Level Agreements with state and municipal agencies. The Board also develops each of InforME's two-year strategic plans and provides input about InforME's priorities and policies.

Board Members

Matthew Dunlap, Secretary of State

Dawnna Pease, Director, Computing Infrastructure & Services

David Demers, CIO, University of Maine System
Representing the University of Maine

Tim Poulin, Deputy Director, Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages & Lottery Operations
Representing the Department of Administrative and Financial Services

Adam Fisher, Web Coordinator/Special Projects
Representing the Maine State Library

Dan Andrews, General Manager, InforME
Representing InforME (non-voting member)

David Packard, Chief Information Officer
Representing the Judicial Branch (non-voting member)

Anne Head, Commissioner, Department of Professional & Financial Regulation
Representing Major Data Custodians in the Executive Branch

Julie Rabinowitz, Press Secretary, Office of Governor Paul R. LePage
Representing Major Data Custodians in the Executive Branch

Representative of a non-profit or user association advancing citizens' rights of access to information

Kathy Montejo, City Clerk & Registrar of Voters, City of Lewiston
Representing a Statewide Association of Municipalities

David Simsarian, Director, Business Technology Solutions, Department of Helth and Human Services
Representing Major Data Custodians in the Executive Branch

Anne Davis, Library Director, Gardiner Public Library
Representing a Statewide Association of Public Librarians

Representing a User Association

Christopher W. Pinkham, President, Maine Bankers Association
Representing a User Association

Richard Trahey
Public Member appointed by the Speaker of the House

Kelly Hokkanen
Public Member appointed by the President of the Senate

Staff to the Board

Eric Stout, IT Consultant, Office of Information Technology