Radio Address: Government Shutdown Unnecessary

June 9, 2015

(MP3 Audio)

Let me be clear: I have never called for a government shutdown. I do not want a shutdown. It is not necessary.

Hello, this is Governor Paul LePage.

Democrats are using scare tactics to make state employees and the Maine people believe a government shutdown is imminent.

Furthermore, they are trying to blame it on Republicans. Folks, this just isn?t true.

A shutdown is not necessary. There is plenty of time for legislators to work out a responsible budget that serves the best interests of Mainers.

They just need to get back to work.

Don?t be fooled by the false deadlines the Democrats keep talking about. They would rather pack up and go home for the summer than create a budget that benefits the Maine people.

That?s because legislators don?t get paid for working after June 30.

Instead of worrying about their pay, Democrats should be more concerned with getting the job done for the people they claim to represent.

This budget must include what the Maine people are demanding. They told us very clearly in November they want tax relief, more welfare reform and less spending on government.

The Democrats propose spending $125 million more in their budget. But they give no tax cuts for Mainers.

In fact, Democrats disenfranchise the Maine people ? until they want their vote at the next election.

They also take money from nursing homes to give to undocumented immigrants.

Thankfully, Republicans in the House are sticking to their principles. Their budget would lower taxes, keep reforming welfare and limit spending.

Democrats have a choice. They can keep playing games or they can do what?s right for Mainers.

On June 30, they will have 3 options. They can recess, adjourn or take action to keep government open.

If Democrats have not agreed to a responsible budget by June 30, I will submit a continuing resolution to keep state government running.

It will provide the revenue needed to keep government open on a month-by-month basis.

A two-thirds vote of the Legislature is needed to enact a continuing resolution. If Democrats don?t vote for the continuing resolution, then it is their choice ? and their choice only ? to shut down government.

Again, a shutdown is not necessary. It?s just political fear-mongering by Democrats.

Instead of using scare tactics to threaten state workers, Democrats should get to work and do what?s right for the people of Maine.

Thank you for listening.