Governor LePage issues statement about former Senator Mitchell’s support of Medicaid expansion

August 4, 2017

For Immediate Release: Friday, August 4, 2017
Contact: Peter A. Steele, Communications Director, (207) 287-5086

Governor Paul R. LePage released a statement today about former Senator George J. Mitchell’s support of Medicaid expansion, which would be financially ruinous to the State of Maine.

“Senators Collins and King are simply proving my point that they are sadly out of touch with everyday Mainers who are suffering from high premiums, high deductibles and inadequate access to high-quality health care under ObamaCare,” said Governor LePage. “Instead of focusing on the needs of hard-working Mainers, Senators Collins and King recruited another out-of-touch former Senator, who had no experience with the disastrous effects Medicaid expansion had on our state, to criticize me.

“I am the one who had to clean up the financial disaster Senator King left as governor, including his $1 billion structural gap and Medicaid expansion that resulted in a $750 million debt to Maine’s community hospitals. Another Medicaid expansion will cost the Maine taxpayers at least $400 million over the next five years. Senators Collins, King and Mitchell are three peas in a pod, preaching to struggling Maine citizens from the polished corridors of Washington, D.C. while they enjoy luxurious health care benefits lavished on them as members of the world’s most exclusive club.”

“The Senate bill was far from perfect; that’s not the point. By voting against it, Senator Collins killed debate on reforming the crushing effects of ObamaCare. Senators Collins, King and Mitchell should just be honest with the Maine people: they want to expand Medicaid at taxpayers’ expense to give free health care to able-bodied people who are capable of working and contributing to the cost of their own health insurance.”