Governor LePage announces Maine’s participation in FirstNet project

August 4, 2017

For Immediate Release: Friday, August 4, 2017
Contact: David W. Maxwell, FirstNetME, (207) 624-9793

Governor Paul R. LePage signed a letter today indicating his decision to have Maine participate in the national FirstNet project. FirstNet is an independent authority within the Department of Commerce to develop, build and operate a nationwide, broadband network dedicated for use by emergency first responders throughout the United States and participating territories.

The Maine Interoperable Communications Committee (MICC), an advisory panel made up of representatives from first responder agencies at the state, county and local levels, met with federal FirstNet representatives and its vendor, AT&T, on two occasions to review the draft FirstNet plan for Maine and to make suggestions for how the plan should be improved. The federal FirstNet team responded by significantly increasing proposed coverage in Maine.

“Maine is proud to take this important step for first responders in our state,” said Governor LePage. “The decision to join this network means that FirstNet and its partner, AT&T, will deliver a highly secure, federally funded, next-generation solution for our public safety community.”

“Governor LePage’s decision to join FirstNet will enhance public safety communications throughout the State," said FirstNet CEO Mike Poth. "This network will connect first responders operating across Maine, from the population centers of Portland and Augusta, to the state’s popular vacation destinations, to remote areas near the border with Canada. FirstNet and AT&T are pleased to have delivered a plan that meets Maine’s unique needs, and we look forward to bringing this network, dedicated to public safety, across the Pine Tree State.”

Patricia Jacobs, President of AT&T New England, praised the action. “Governor LePage is putting public safety first,” she said. “His decision to opt-in to FirstNet will bring Maine's first responders access to the innovative tools and technologies they need to operate faster, safer and more effectively when lives are on the line. FirstNet will benefit the wellbeing of Maine's first responders, residents and visitors alike—all without costing the state anything to build, operate or maintain.”

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