Media Advisory: Governor and Veterans to Speak on Tax-Free Military Pensions

March 2, 2015

Governor Paul R. LePage will join veterans on Tuesday, March 3 at the State House to discuss the benefits of eliminating the tax on military pensions, which is one of the proposals in the Governor’s comprehensive tax reform and relief plan.

Under the Governor’s plan, the tax on military pensions would be eliminated in 2016. With this reform, Maine will join the 22 other states honoring their veterans with tax-free pensions. The plan will make Maine a more attractive destination for retired veterans of all ages to locate and start their second profession.

In addition to exempting military pensions, Governor LePage’s tax-cut plan provides direct tax relief to Mainers. By lowering the individual income tax rate and reducing the overall tax burden, the Governor’s plan would deliver a $300 million tax cut to Maine families and businesses.

When: Tuesday, March 3, 11:30
Where: Cabinet Room, State House, Augusta