Governor LePage Issues Statement on Failure to Care For Elderly, Fight Drug Crime

May 2, 2014

For Immediate Release: Friday, May 2
Contact: Peter Steele, Communications Director, 207-287-5086

AUGUSTA – After the Appropriations Committee failed to fund bills that would fight drug crime and pay nursing homes, Governor Paul R. LePage vowed today to fund nursing homes that are in imminent danger of closing.

“It is inconceivable that the Appropriations Committee, which is ruled by a Democrat majority, would rather pay for posters and PR campaigns for smoking cessation than fund nursing homes, which take care of elderly Mainers. We found the revenue to keep nursing homes open and provide care for our most vulnerable citizens, but the Appropriations Committee chose to ignore our elderly. They talk about helping Maine people, but their actions reveal the height of their hypocrisy.”

“The Legislature failed the Maine people, but the Executive Branch is now working to find every discretionary dollar we have available to fund two nursing homes that are on the verge of closing by July 1. We will do whatever we can to find up to $3.5 million to save these nursing homes. The Legislature went home without doing its job, but I will keep doing mine. We must not fail our elderly.”

“I urge everyone to call the members of the Appropriations Committee and tell them to do what's right for elderly Mainers and to keep nursing homes open.”

“While the drug problem in Maine is growing every day, the Appropriations Committee refused to pass my bill to fight drug crime. We identified a source of funding to pay for MDEA agents, judges and prosecutors to get drug dealers off the street, but Democrats still fail to recognize the epidemic sweeping through our state. With the rising number of drug-addicted births, drug arrests and overdose deaths, it is unconscionable that liberals are still soft on drug crime.”

Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee members:

Senator Dawn Hill (D-York), Chair 207-337-3689

Senator Emily Ann Cain (D-Penobscot) 207-866-3753

Senator Patrick S. A. Flood (R-Kennebec) 207-395-4915

Representative Margaret R. Rotundo (D-Lewiston), Chair 207-784-3259

Representative Michael E. Carey (D-Lewiston) 207-344-3017

Representative Linda F. Sanborn (D-Gorham) 207-939-2879

Representative Megan M. Rochelo (D-Biddeford) 207-929-0110

Representative Aaron M. Frey (D-Bangor) 207-249-9969

Representative Erik C. Jorgensen (D-Portland) 207-939-7120

Representative Kathleen D. Chase (R-Wells) 207-646-2118

Representative Tom J. Winsor (R-Norway) 207-527-2233

Representative Tyler Clark (R-Easton) 207-488-2633

Representative Dennis L. Keschl (R-Belgrade) 207-441-3701