Governor LePage Sends Packages of Maine Lobster To 49 Other Governors To Promote Industry

August 19, 2013

For Immediate Release: Monday, Aug. 19
Contacts: Peter Steele, Communications Director, (207)287-5086
Jeff Nichols, Communications Director, Maine Dept. of Marine Resources, (207)624-6569

AUGUSTA –In an effort to promote Maine lobster, as well as the economic opportunities that would result from national attention for the industry, Maine Governor Paul R. LePage today sent a box of Maine lobster products to the 49 other governors across the United States.

“What better time than summer to share the iconic Maine lobster?” said Governor LePage. Boxes full of prepared lobster meat and value added items, including bisques and spreads from Maine processors and dealers were shipped overnight. “I want my friends and colleagues across the country to experience the flavor of Maine.

“These items represent a small sample of products available from Maine companies that process and add value to Maine lobster, which is harvested from the pristine Gulf of Maine waters,” said Governor LePage.

“The lobster industry is vital to Maine’s economy and its identity,” said Governor LePage. “I’m proud of the hardworking men and women who have made this one of the most lucrative industries in Maine. Last year, a record 126 million pounds were landed, generating nearly a billion dollars in economic impact to our state.”

“This fishery is as healthy as it is due in large part to the sustainable harvesting practices pioneered by Maine lobstermen,” added the Governor. “These longstanding practices are why the Maine lobster fishery earned the prestigious Marine Stewardship Council’s sustainability certification this past year.”

The MSC certification is just one of the many attributes of the Maine lobster, the Governor pointed out. “A growing number of people worldwide value a sustainably managed resource, but beyond that Maine lobster is delicious, versatile and healthy. It can be eaten alone, served on a bun, or prepared in a variety of dishes. Lobster has less calories, less total fat and less cholesterol than lean beef; whole poached eggs; and even roasted, skinless chicken breast.”

“Maine lobster is not just a Maine product, it’s a U.S. product,” said Governor LePage. “Eighty-five percent of seafood consumed in the U.S. is imported, so I also see this as an opportunity to encourage my colleagues to support a strong U.S. economy.”

In addition to the lobster products, the Governor included recipes and informational material from the Maine Lobster Promotional Council. “I’m sure that everyone who gets a chance to enjoy Maine lobster will agree that, no matter how it is prepared, it is one of the best things they’ll ever taste,” said the Governor.

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