Final Jobs Workshop of the Season Focuses on Maine’s Forestry Sector

August 15, 2012

AUGUSTA – Today, Governor Paul LePage hosted his fourth and final jobs creation workshop of the season at the University of Maine in Farmington. These industry-specific workshops are designed to bring business leaders together to share ideas and concerns about government policy. This final workshop was focused towards Maine’s forestry sector.

“Just as it has been with our previous workshops, the business owners and representatives here today provided us with some great feedback,” said Governor LePage. “I look forward to bringing these ideas and concerns back to Augusta so we can make Maine’s economy even stronger.”

The workshop consisted of three breakout sessions – energy reform, marketing the Maine brand, and regulation reform – where participants could voice their concerns and discuss ideas for improving Maine’s business atmosphere. Participants were able to meet with the Governor as well as members of his staff and Cabinet, including Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Patti Aho; the Governor’s economic advisor John Butera; the Governor’s energy advisor Ken Fletcher; Economic and Community Development Commissioner George Gervais; Agriculture Commissioner Walt Whitcomb; and Fisheries and Wildlife Commissioner Chandler Woodcock.

“As the most heavily-forested state in the country, Maine’s forest products and forestry-related industries are large players in Maine’s economy. The dialogue we had today with business owners gave us valuable insight on the forestry industry, forest related jobs and the future opportunities offered from our vast-forest resources,” said Commissioner Whitcomb.

Entrepreneurs and business representatives at today’s workshop were also given access to participate in the DECD Online Business Survey, which asks in-depth questions regarding the business climate in Maine, the challenges Maine businesses are facing, and the effectiveness of State policies and regulations. These responses, which will complement the feedback from the Governor’s jobs workshops, will be aggregated to help the LePage Administration target and resolve problem areas in Maine’s business atmosphere.

Any business owners wishing to participate in the business survey may call DECD Communications Director Doug Ray at (207) 624-9802, or click here