Misinformation from Democrats on Bonds Leads to Confusion

August 2, 2012

AUGUSTA – Governor Paul LePage issued today the following statement regarding House Minority Leader Emily Cain and Skowhegan Representative Jeff McCabe’s recent comments to the media that the town of Livermore Falls received funding from the State:

“The town of Livermore Falls has not received any state monies at this time. The developer of the Livermore Falls project applied for a loan through the Maine Rural Development Authority and it was approved by its independent Board. It is clear that Representatives Cain and McCabe do not understand the situation and are twisting the truth for political gain. They are wrong to mislead Maine people.

Furthermore, Democrats issued a statement recently indicating that I refuse to support projects in communities across the state including Skowhegan. This is inaccurate. What I have repeatedly said is that I will hold off on selling bonds until Maine is in a better fiscal position to absorb more debt.

As I have stated, Maine currently is spending more than $100 million a year through the end of fiscal year 2013 on debt from bonds that have already been sold. Being fiscally prudent must be a priority in order to get Maine turned around.

Meanwhile, I encourage towns and cities to examine alternative funding sources to pay for these projects until the State sells the bonds. The State is willing to discuss with local communities other options which may move these projects forward. Some towns have already done so and I commend those town officials for working with my administration to find solutions.

It’s unfortunate and disappointing some Democrats are using their political capital to misinform the public and pressuring the governor to continue the irresponsible spending that has taken place for two decades instead of working with the administration to help communities and people they serve.”

Background on bond issue:

  • On June 7, Governor LePage made public he would not sell bonds at this time and encouraged town and city officials to find alternative funding
  • In early July, the developer of the Livermore Falls project proactively contacted the State to discuss potential solutions regarding the Lamb Block project
  • On July 16, Governor LePage signed a memo to the Maine State Treasurer committing to issue bonds in the amount of $400,000 on or before June 20, 2015 to the town of Livermore Falls
  • On July 18, the developer for the Livermore Falls project secured funding through the Maine Rural Development Authority
  • Department of Economic and Community Development’s staff has reached out to all eleven communities involved in the Communities for Maine’s Future program
  • In late July, the towns of Dover-Foxcroft, Eastport, and Monmouth qualified for loans through the Community Development Block Grant program