Maine Businesses Driving Future Economic Policy

July 30, 2012

AUGUSTA – Nearly 500 Maine businesses have registered for the 2012 Maine Business Survey which began collecting data two weeks ago. The survey is a tool Governor Paul LePage is using to learn more about the needs of Maine job creators.

The feedback generated will help drive future economic policy decisions which will have a direct impact on Maine businesses and their bottom line. “We are finding out what’s working and what policies are hindering business,” said Governor Paul LePage. “We want our job creators to have the policies in place and support to expand, compete, and create jobs in Maine,” continued the Governor.

The survey can be found by clicking here.

In two legislative sessions, the LePage Administration has cut taxes, reduced regulatory burdens and red tape, and reformed health insurance, welfare and pension programs which are leading to positive outcomes toward rebuilding Maine’s economy.

Businesses that have taken the survey indicate that Maine needs to make even further improvements in the following areas in order to be more competitive: regulation, healthcare costs, access to capital and creating a better trained workforce are all common themes.

Maine’s business community is saying:

  • “Hiring and retaining help is our biggest issue.”
  • “We had trouble getting enough money to start our business.”
  • “Healthcare costs are skyrocketing, new penalties are ridiculous, and lack of clarity makes me very worried about adding new employees.”
  • “Reduce tax burdens and response time from regulatory agencies.”
  • “Taxes and access to capital are our biggest concerns; how about more incentives to hire people?”

    “Let’s continue our momentum by responding to the needs of Maine businesses and implement the changes they need in order to prosper,” said Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner, George Gervais.

The Administration’s focus on moving Maine’s economy forward has already led to a significantly improved business climate. According to a new in-depth ranking by of America’s Top States for Business, Maine went from 40th in 2011 to 35th in 2012. Maine went from 26th in 2011 to 19th in 2012 for the cost of doing business, and in business friendliness, Maine went from 32nd in 2011 to 21st in 2012.