Governor LePage Joins in Sendoff Ceremony for the 121st Public Affairs Detachment of the Maine National Guard

July 11, 2012

For Immediate Release: Wendesday, July 11, 2012
Contact: Adrienne Bennett (207) 287-2531

AUGUSTA – Governor Paul LePage joined with Acting Commissioner of the Defense, Veterans, and Emergency Management, Robert McAleer, as well as representatives of Maine’s Federal Delegation, in sending off the 121st Public Affairs Detachment of the Maine National Guard on their upcoming mission to Kosovo.

“I want to wish the 121st Public Affairs Detachment the best of luck in their deployment to Kosovo,” said the Governor. “Your mission is to tell the soldier’s story – do it with the integrity and honor as you always do, and you will make Maine proud.”

The Detachment will be deploying to Kosovo to help assist NATO in their mission to promote stability in the country. Kosovo unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia was deemed legal by the International Court of Justice in 2010. Serbia still claims Kosovo as a province of their nation.

Acting Commissioner McAleer also spoke to the 121st, their family, and their loved ones: “Some may ask why we would have such a ceremony for the deployment of four soldiers. But these soldiers are travelling halfway around the world, are making due without the comfort of their loved ones, watching their children grow, the smell of the ocean, or the sound of our Pine trees – they are making due without their home.”

Captain Donald Krier, Commander of the 121st PAD also thanked the spouses of these troops, stating that even though it was not voluntary, they were still serving their country as well.

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Governor at the Sendoff Ceremony