Governor LePage Selects Nearly 100 Appointments to Boards and Commissions

September 13, 2011

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Contact: Adrienne Bennett (207) 287-2531

Augusta, Maine – Governor Paul LePage announced Monday the nominations of 91 appointments to boards, commissions and other positions throughout our State. The Governor appoints over two thousand Maine citizens to serve on over three hundred boards and commissions.

“Finding individuals of the highest quality who represent the best interests of the people of Maine was a priority,” said the Governor. “Overseeing these boards and commissions is a responsibility I take very seriously and I am grateful we have found so many willing to serve on behalf of the citizens of our great State.”

The 91 nominations are confirmable appointments. Confirmable appointments require a public hearing to be held before a joint standing committee of the State Legislature for the purposes of confirming the Governor's nomination. These appointments also require final Confirmation by the Maine State Senate. View a complete list of these appointments and boards at

The Maine State Senate is expected to vote on these nominations during the special legislative session scheduled for September 27, 2011.

Washington County Development Authority

  • Harry W. Bailey
  • William A. Daye
  • Marianne Moore
  • Linda S. Pagels-Wentworth
  • S. Dean Pike

Midcoast Regional Development Authority

  • Daniel A. Daggett
  • John Dorrer
  • John Shattuck
  • Lois Napier Skillings

Maine State Housing Authority

  • John C. Turner
  • Peter Anastos
  • Lincoln J. Merrill, Jr.
  • Donald F. Capoldo, Jr.

Board of Trustees, Maine Rural Development Authority

  • Jason W. Elliott
  • Renee W. Kelly
  • Michael A. Duguay

Board of Environmental Protection

  • Mr. Alvin K. Ahlers
  • Mr. Gary Curtis
  • Mr. Robert Foley
  • Ms. Susan Lessard (reappointment)

Board of Trustees, Maine Maritime Academy

  • Jean E. Mattimore
  • Earle Cianchette
  • Lance Meadows

Maine Labor Relations Board

  • Susan L. Higgins

Commissioner to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection

  • Patricia W. Aho

Maine Unemployment Insurance Commission

  • Jennifer J. Duddy

Finance Authority of Maine

  • Larry G. Mitchell
  • Raymond J. Nowak

Marine Resources Advisory Council

  • Ms. Jennifer Bichrest
  • Mr. Sebastian Belle

Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Advisory Council

  • Mr. Richard Thurston (reappointment)
  • Mr. Robert Savage

Board of Trustees of Dirigo Health

  • Mr. Joseph Bruno (reappointment)
  • Mr. John Brautigam

Efficiency Maine Trust

  • Mr. Douglas Smith
  • Mr. Albert Hodsdon III

School Board of the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf

  • Ms. Terri Thompson (reappointment)
  • Ms. Laurel Kelly
  • Mr. Matthew Hoidal
  • Mr. Jason White
  • Ms. Frances Frost (reappointment)
  • Ms. Lisa Penny (reappointment)
  • Mr. David Gaul (reappointment)
  • Ms. Diane St. Lawrence (reappointment)
  • Mr. Donald Miller (reappointment)
  • Mr. Joan Nason (reappointment)

Loring Development Authority

  • Michael L. Edgecomb
  • Daniel LaPointe
  • Janet A. McGillan
  • Carol S. Bell

Maine Human Rights Commission

  • Arnold S. Clark
  • Deborah L. Whitworth

Superintendent of Insurance

  • Eric A. Cioppa

Maine Superior Court Justice

  • Judge John H. O’Neil, Jr.

Active Retired Status in the Maine Superior Court

  • Justice G. Arthur Brennan

Maine Turnpike Authority

  • Robert D. Stone

State Harness Racing Commission

  • Gary W. Reed

Board of Trustees, Maine Public Broadcasting Corporation

  • Ann R. Robinson

Maine Commission of Indigent Legal Services

  • David J. Mitchell

Maine Governmental Facilities Authority

  • Joel Allumbaugh
  • Timothy L. Thompson

Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority

  • Matthew C. Jacobson

Gambling Control Board

  • Timothy S. Doyle

State Board of Corrections

  • Douglas F. Beaulieu
  • David E. Bowles
  • Mark A. Westrum

Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission

  • John J. Boland
  • Harold W. Clossey

Commission of Governmental Ethics and Election Practices

  • Jane A. Amero

Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund Board

  • Dr. Peter Garrett

Maine Land Use Regulation Commission

  • Mr. Robert Dunphy
  • Mr. Ernest Carle

Board of Pesticides Control

  • Mr. Bruce Flewelling
  • Mr. Clark Granger

Maine Milk Commission

  • Mr. Colon Durrell (reappointment)

Maine Community College System Board of Trustees

  • Mr. Christopher McCormick (reappointment)
  • Mr. Steven Howe
  • Dr. James Libby

Maine School of Science and Mathematics

  • Dr. David Haines (reappointment)
  • Mr. Jason Judd
  • Mr. Frederick Woodman, Jr.
  • Mr. Kalevi Kotkas
  • Mr. Michael Edgecomb (reappointment)
  • Dr. Charles Wray
  • Dr. Walter Specht (reappointment)
  • Dr. Susan Hunter (reappointment)

Maine Educational Loan Authority

  • Ms. Betsy Libby
  • Mr. Anthony Payne
  • Mr. John Atkinson
  • Ms. Barbara Campbell Harvey
  • Mr. Daniel O’Halloran