Governor Recalls Childhood to Inspire Youth

July 6, 2011

Video Courtesy of WCSH6.

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Governor Paul LePage told his heart wrenching story of growing up in abusive home to an audience in Portland Wednesday.

That audience included many young people who grew up under similar circumstances.

As a child LePage said the violence would begin at 3 o'clock on Fridays and last until Monday morning. More often than not he was the target of his father's rage. He recalled sitting in the hospital after one of those beatings. He was 11-years old when his father handed him a 50-cent piece to tell the nurses he fell down the stairs. That's the night he left home for good.

"Believe me it is a challenge when you're 11-years-old on the streets homeless sleeping in cellars, sleeping in hallways, sleeping with friends", he said.

Cielle Pomerleau also survived a violence in the home. She begins her first year at Southern Maine Community College in the Fall.

"It inspires me to see where he's been and where he is now. it makes me think where i can be someday", she said after hearing LePage speak.

The governor says life really began for him when he went to college.