Governor LePage Keeps Promise to Reduce Red Tape

June 13, 2011

Business friendly bill that will help boost job growth is signed

For Immediate Release: Monday, June 13, 2011 Contact: Adrienne Bennett (207) 287-2531

Augusta, Maine – Governor Paul LePage signed into law Legislative Document No. 1 Monday during a ceremony at the Blaine House. Joined by Senate President Kevin Raye, House Speaker Robert Nutting, and other members of the Legislature, Governor LePage signed this important bill that helps to streamline government, cut through red tape and build our economy.

Several reforms found in this legislation were introduced through red tape workshops held throughout our State by Governor LePage where nearly 1,000 job creators proposed their ideas and concerns about burdensome regulations that stifle job growth.

"When we work to pass common sense legislation that effectively assists more jobs to be created, it's a no-brainer,” said the Governor. “This is a good down payment on the necessary reforms we must make to transform Maine's business climate."

This bipartisan legislation was approved unanimously last week by the Maine Senate and the House endorsed the bill with only 3 dissenting votes. Both Senate President Kevin Raye and House Speaker Robert Nutting praised the passage of the bill and the effort that went into crafting it. “LD 1 is an enormous success for Governor LePage, the Maine Legislature, and Maine’s job creators,” said Pres. Raye. “We’re moving Maine forward today in a very positive and constructive way to signal that Maine truly is open for business.” Speaker Nutting added, “The reforms of LD 1 strip away many of the unnecessary impediments to doing business that state government creates. It strikes a balance between maintaining necessary, reasonable government safeguards and allowing Maine businesses to flourish.”

In an effort to get the most feedback from job creators and citizens the Committee on Regulatory Fairness and Reform held public hearings in several communities. “We visited seven communities around Maine to listen to the concerns of citizens and businesses because we believe that the best solutions come from Main Street, not Augusta,” said Senator Jonathan Courtney, who is Committee Chair. Courtney also noted that Republicans and Democrats worked closely together to build consensus around a set of solutions that will change the culture of state government in a positive way.

The Governor also commended legislators on both sides of the aisle today as they proved this was a bipartisan piece of legislation which benefits the entire State. House Democratic Leader Rep. Emily Cain shared similar notions saying, “The regulatory reform law is proof positive that we do our best work together. We came together to find moderate compromise to support our business community and our environment.”

Governor LePage is enthusiastic about the multiple reforms included in LD 1 that will assist job creators – reforms such as changes to the Bureau of Environmental Protection, the establishment of an environmental audit program and the creation of a new business liaison program. “In Department of Community and Economic Development there will be business liaisons that will help our job creators get through the maze of government permitting,” Governor LePage said. “These are things that are going to assist in job growth and create a more prosperous Maine.”