Governor Signs Gold Star Plate Legislation

June 7, 2011

Gold Star License Plate Design Bill paves the way for families of fallen service members to receive Gold Star Family License Plates

Augusta, Maine – Governor Paul LePage on Tuesday signed a bill that honors Maine military members that have given the ultimate sacrifice. The Governor signed LD 1529, “An Act Honoring Gold Star Families through Special Registration Plates” today making Maine the last State to designate such a license plate.

“This act is long overdue,” said Governor LePage. “Our service members and their families give so much on our behalf to keep us safe and to secure our freedoms. It is our duty to recognize those who have sacrificed all. This plate pays tribute to the families saluting our fallen heroes who have died in the line of duty and I am proud to see it finally become available in Maine.”

Family members of the fallen, bill sponsor Representative Bradley Moulton, R-York and Secretary of State Charles E. Summers joined the Governor during the signing.

“This is a fitting tribute to the families who have sacrificed their loved one and, in turn, we recognize the sacrifice through this important measure,” said Rep. Moulton.

In 2009, a similar bill failed to pass through the legislature due to the cost of manufacturing the plates. John Mixon, of Ogunquit, is ensuring the current effort is paid for without the use of taxpayer dollars. Mixon, a veteran of the Vietnam War, has raised funds for the Gold Star plates through his organization, Run for the Fallen. Governor Paul LePage has personally donated $1000 to the cause. Emily Knight, a Wells High School senior, designed the license plate and 3M has generously donated the first roll of material to produce the plates.

The Gold Star Family registration plates are expected to be made available by the end of the summer to families who qualify.

“Some have said that this is a special plate; it is not. It is, however, a way to recognize those members of the Armed Forces, who, as President Abraham Lincoln said, gave their ‘last full measure of devotion.’ This plate will be a solemn, dignified tribute to those who have given their life in service to their country. I am very grateful to all of those who worked together to make the Gold Star plates possible,” said Secretary Summers.

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