Asking for Advice

A Legislator may ask for advice on a legislative ethics issue from the Commission or from its staff.

Informal Advice from the Commission Staff

Please telephone, e-mail, or write to the Commission’s Executive Director, Jonathan Wayne.  His telephone number is 287-4179 and his e-mail is  Any information provided to Mr. Wayne by telephone will be kept confidential, but all documents and e-mails relating to ethics advice are public records.  Depending on the question, he may request that the question be submitted in writing.  Mr. Wayne will respond by telephone, e-mail, or by letter, depending on the needs of the Legislator and the nature of the question.

Formal Advisory Opinion from the Commission

To request a formal advisory opinion from the Commission, please submit the question in the form of a letter addressed to the Commission Chair.  The Commission may offer advice only through a public meeting.  As soon as possible after reaching a conclusion at a public meeting, the Commission will issue a written advisory opinion.  Advisory opinions are public documents and may be used for educational purposes.