Leadership PACs

Leadership:  Any PAC directly or indirectly established, maintained, or controlled by a current member of the Legislature (other than a Caucus PAC).

Contribution Limits:  When the legislature is in session, a lobbyist, lobbyist associate, lobbying client, or lobbying firm may not make a contribution to a Leadership or Caucus PAC. Lobbyists and associates may only make personal contributions outside of session to Leadership PACs if the legislator who is an officer of the PAC would appear on the ballot where they vote.

Expenditure Rules:  Leadership PACs are not restricted in how they spend their funds except for they may not compensate legislators who are either a principal officer, treasurer, fundraiser, or decision maker for a PAC, except to reimburse them for travel expenses incurred while performing their duties and volunteering for the PAC. The same prohibitions apply to members of the legislator's immediate family. Please refer to the PAC Guidebook for more information.

For more information, please refer to our 2023-2024 PAC Campaign Finance Guidebook.