Accepting Gifts & Travel

Any gift to a Legislator or to a member of his or her immediate family worth more than $300 must be disclosed on the next statement of sources of income that is filed by the Legislator.

The Legislative Ethics Law forbids a Legislator or a member of his or her immediate family from accepting a gift (other than a campaign contribution) from persons affected by legislation or who have an interest in a business affected by proposed legislation, where it is known or reasonably should be known that the purpose of the donor in making the gift is to influence the Legislator in the performance of his or her official duties or vote, or is intended as a reward for an action by the Legislator. For more information, please see § 1014(1)(B) of the Legislative Ethics Law.

For more information on accepting gifts, please read the Commission's tri-fold brochure on Accepting Travel Expenses and Other Gifts or its Guidelines on Acceptance of Gifts (adopted in 1999, but based on law that is still current). The Ethics Commission and Office of the Maine Attorney General have issued advisory opinions on conflicts of interest, gifts, and undue influence.