Publications and Information

Bridging the Rural Efficiency Gap 2018

Propane Pricing Consumer Guide 2017

Wind Energy Advisory Commission 2018

Maine Comprehensive Energy Plan 2014-2015

Oil Dependence Reduction 2013

Ocean Energy Review 2012

  1. OEIS Ocean Energy Review 2012, Cover Letter (PDF)
  2. Review of Terms and Conditions for Long-Term Contracts for Renewable Ocean Energy, April 12, 2012 (PDF)

Maine Wind Energy Development Assessment - March 2012

  1. Maine Wind Energy Development Assessment (PDF) - Report and Recommendations, March 2012 - Governor's Office of Energy Independence and Security.
  2. Report of OEIS Assessment of Cumulative Visual Impacts from Wind Energy Development (PDF) - CVI Assessment, March 2012.
  3. Maine Wind Assessment 2012, A Report (PDF) - Prepared for the Governor's Office of Energy Independence and Security: Coastal Enterprises, Inc., January 31, 2012.
  4. Tracking Progress Toward Meeting Maine's Wind Energy Goals, April 2011 (PDF)
  5. MPUC RPS Report 2011 (PDF) - Review of RPS Requirements and Compliance in Maine - Prepared by London Economics International LLC for the Maine Public Utilities Commission, January 30, 2012.
  6. Renewable Resources Supply Curve Report (PDF) - New England States Committee on Electricity, January 2012.
  7. Executive Summary (PDF) - Renewable Supply Curve Analysis, NESCOE, January 2012

Energy Savers Guide

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Resources on renewable energy and energy efficient technologies, programs, tips and incentives for homes, businesses and vehicles.

Energy Infrastructure

Maine Energy Assurance and Emergency Management

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