The FDID number is used to identify incident data that has been collected and reported by individual fire departments. The FDID number used in the MEFIRS system consists of five characters. The letter character of the assigned FDID number indicates the county where the local fire department is located. The following four digits are specific to the fire department. We have created FDID numbers for Canadian and New Hampshire fire departments who work with Maine departments across the borders, so Maine fire departments can document mutual aid activities. These Canadian and New Hampshire fire departments are listed within the Maine county they assist.

Each FDID number in the MEFIRS system is unique. When a local department uses their FDID # or an assisting department's FDID #, they should enter it exactly as it is assigned. The use of any numbers other then the state-assigned number will not allow the department to be recognized by the MEFIRS or NFIRS data collection servers.

FDID numbers are assigned by the State of Maine Office of State Fire Marshal. Please contact MEFIRS State Administrator Richard Taylor at 207-626-3873 if your fire department needs an FDID number.

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