Records & Reports

Outbreak Reporting to CDC

A potential outbreak of disease is reportable to Maine CDC. In schools, this is defined as 15% of the school population being absent on a particular day due to illness. Schools must report elevated absenteeism. This reporting tool will complete this report to both DOE and Maine CDC in one step. For step-by-step directions see the NEO Reporting Reference Guide. 

Yearly Reports

There are three yearly mandatory reporting items for school health that relate to medication, hearing and vision screenings, and immunizations.  

Immunizations Summary Report 

In accordance with Chapter 126/261, all schools must submit a summary report which will include the following information at a minimum: specific information identifying the school, the superintendent; the total student enrollment, the number of new students identified by vaccine type, as either immunized, exempt or out of compliance, and the number of students who are enrolled and un-immunized. Each report shall be signed by the school superintendent as a certification that the information is accurate and complete. 

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention will, from time to time, select a small sample of student health records for the purpose of comparing reported results against the criteria delineated in these rules. The results of this sample survey will be shared with school superintendents for the purpose of identifying problem areas that may be occurring in the completion of their school health records. Individual students will not be identified by name. Contact the Maine Immunization Program, Maine CDC for more information. 

School Health Annual Report

Each spring, the Department of Education collects the School Health Annual Report from all schools. Data helps build bridges that connect school health services to the rest of the health care system. This data collection will help to demonstrate their unique and critical contributions to the health of school-age children and their academic achievement. The report is made of up both required and optional data points. Despite being optional, the information requested is vital to understanding and improving the work conditions and outcomes desired by Maine’s school health services workforce. 

School Health Annual Data Collection Worksheet 2022-2023

Anaphylaxis Incident Reporting Form

Optional, but recommended Reporting Section for ALL Maine schools, public, private, and charter. The goals of Every Student Counts™ are to develop a robust national school health data set that will influence local, state, and national student health policy, as well as identify best practices in school health.


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