Budgets & Guidance

Annual Budget Reporting
For fiscal year July 1 - June 30


Reporting Requirements:

All School Administrative Units

   1. Upload the following files to Maine Education Financial System (MEFS) Financial by August 15:

              a. Budget Revenue

              b. Budget Expenditure

   2. Before submitting, check that all files:

              a. Contain data for all funds

              b. Contain revenue and expenditure transactions for all funds

              c. Are created for the full year budget under Quarter 1

  3. Email the following to the Fiscal Compliance Specialist - denise.towers@maine.gov

              a. Warrant Articles

              b. Budget Meeting Minutes

              c. Voter declaration of the referendum (if required)

   4. After submitting:

              a. Sign into Maine Education Financial System and check file status:

                      • If there are errors, resolve and resubmit

                      • If the file is in approved status, complete the file submission by electronic certification

                      • NOTE: Only file submissions in migrated status are considered received by MDOE.



   1. Submit the EF-M-46 in NEO

CTE Regions

   1. Submit the EF-M-46V in NEO