Budgets & Guidance

Annual Budget Reporting
For fiscal year July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020


Reporting Requirements:

   1. Upload the following files to MEDMS Financial by August 2, 2019:

              a. Budget Revenue

              b. Budget Expenditure

   2. Before submitting, check that all files:

              a. Contain data for all funds

              b. Contain revenue and expenditure transactions for all funds

              c. Are created for the full year budget under Quarter 1

   3. After submitting:

              a. Sign into Maine Education Financial System and check file status:

                      • If there are errors, resolve and resubmit

                      • If the file is in approved status, complete the file submission by electronic certification

                                • NOTE: Only file submissions in migrated status are considered received by MDOE.

               b. Transmit, via email or snail mail, budget warrant, budget meeting minutes, and referendum (if required) vote declaration to MDOE

               c. SADs, RSUs, and CSDs also need to transmit a completed EFM-46 spreadsheet


Additional Requirements for RSUs, SADs, and CSDs - EF-M-46 Form

        * EF-M-46 Form is now an electronic form filled out in NEO Financials.

Additional Requirements for CTE Regions - EF-M-46V Form

         * EF-M-46V Form is now an electronic form filled out in NEO Financials.


The following documents and spreadsheets have been created to assist school administrative units in their local budget process:

     • Common Errors in Budget Articles - doc

     • Suggested Articles To Appropriate Monies for School Budgets for the Fiscal Year

            • Statutorily Required Articles - doc

            • Supplementary Articles - doc

     • Over/Under 100% EPS template - xls

     • Year-End Balances - xls

     • School Appropriations Amounts by Month for Fiscal Year - xls (for only those superintendents with SADs, CSDs and RSUs)

     • Assessment of School Administrative District Tax - doc (for only those superintendents with SADs)

     • Assessment of Community School District Tax - doc (for only those superintendents with CSDs)

     • Assessment of Regional School Unit Tax - doc (for only those superintendents with RSUs)

     • Budget Category Template - xls

     • Account Filters for Budget Categories - xls

     • Budget Approval and Validation Process Graphics - pdf

Additional Resources:

NEO Financial User Guide - 

     • NEO Financial System Getting Started Guide

     • NEO Financial System Upload File Format

     • File Layout for Data Collection