EF-M-39 Report of Adult Education

The EF-M-39 Report of Adult Education is a resident-based report aggregating the count of students from each School Administrative unit who have students (age 16 to 20) that reside in their district but and are no longer enrolled in "Regular Education" and are taking academic courses in a Maine Adult Education program somewhere in Maine, not necessarily in their school administrative unit.

In previous years, we asked for actual student names. This is no longer required. All you need to report are the counts of students, the number of courses and credits taken.

20-A MRSA, section 8605(2) states "A secondary school age person who is not attending a public school and who is enrolled in an adult education course must be treated for state subsidy and tuition purposes as follows."

Subsection 2(A) states that "Such a person who enrolls in a semester adult education course, is counted as .1 of a student for each such course."

Subsection (3) allows for transfers of secondary school aged adult education students between school administrative units subject to the approval of the superintendents involved. This "Superintendents' Agreement" provision states in (3)(D) that "For purposes of state subsidy, a student transferred under this subsection is considered a resident of the school administrative unit to which the student is transferred."

Who Needs to Report:

  • All public SAUs, excluding Public Charter Schools, must report (even if there are no pupils to report). Please note that the SAU member entities of Unions and AOSs must report separately.

Note: SAUs that send their students to Regional Adult Education Programs must file a report based on their own resident students attending these Regional Adult Education Programs.

Open Dates:

  • EF-M-39A – June 1st
  • EF-M-39B – December 15th

Due Dates:

  • EF-M-39A - covers data from January 1st through June 30th  - report is due by August 30h
  • EF-M-39B - covers data from July 1st through December 31st  - report is due by January 15th

Complete the Form

  Go to: NEO - Student Data - EFM-39 Report of Adult Education

Once logged into the NEO system navigate to Student Data/Student Health, if you do not have NEO credentials please have your Superintendent submit a NEO Access Request Form to the DOE Data HelpDesk

  • Enter the total number of students (between the ages of 16-20) enrolled in adult education
  • Enter the total number of courses in the spaces provided
  • Enter the total number of credits


Call the MEDMS Helpdesk at (207) 624-6896 or email medms.helpdesk@maine.gov