Mission and Expectations


To meet all DHHS employees educational and career development needs.


SETU facilitates learning to increase employee skill development across all DHHS Programs.


Accommodations will be made for participants with disabilities. If you need an accommodation, please note this on the accommodation field on the application form.

If you need additional information, please call the Department of Health and Human Services, Civil Rights Office, at 287-3488


A training day is considered a work day. Therefore, it is expected that when you sign up and are confirmed for training, you will attend the entire program. Credit will not be given for partial attendance.

If you decide to attend a program without a confirmation, please be aware that the presenter may choose not to accept you.

If you need to cancel out of a program that you have signed up for, please use this cancellation form.

Certain ingredients found in personal care products such as hair sprays, body sprays, and lotions contain chemical compositions which pose health risks to some employees. For that reason, we ask that employees attending training refrain from wearing scented products to the training. If a fragrance is detected during the training, the individual wearing the fragrance may be asked to wash off the scent, and if that is not possible, that individual may not be able to complete the training.

If you have any questions, please contact the Staff Education & Training Unit at 624-7936 or email us at dhs.setu@maine.gov

TTY users call Maine Relay 711