Downloadable Forms

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Name of Form Document
Human Arbovirus Specimen Submission Form - (Fillable Form) This form must be submitted with all arboviral panel test requests. PDF
HETL Requisition Form - (Fillable Form) PDF
2018 Laboratory Reporting of Notifiable Conditions PDF
HETL Clinical Requisition Front - PDF
Back - PDF
HETL Whole Genome Sequencing Requisition Form Word
CDC DASH form 50.34 PDF
Enterovirus-D68 (EV-D68) Patient Summary Form PDF
Request for Viral Culture / PCR Supplies PDF
Request for Blood Lead Analysis Supplies PDF
Request for Micro Supplies PDF
HETL Microbiology Pricing and Applicable CPT Codes PDF
Fax Only Consent Form Word - PDF
Current Copy HETL's CLIA Certificate PDF
2015 Laboratory Guide for Reporting of Notifiable Conditions - Rules PDF
2015 Laboratory Guide for Reporting of Notifiable Conditions - List of Diseases & Conditions PDF
Category A shipping Micro-organisms PDF
Instruction for shipping patient specimens to HETL using HETL provided shipping materials Word
CDC IGRA Guidelines MMWR June 2010 PDF
TB Bill Submitter Letter 2018 PDF
TB Quantiferon® IGRA Clinician’s Guide PDF
TB Quantiferon® IGRA Blood Collection quick guide PDF
TB Quantiferon® IGRA Technical Note on Filling Tubes PDF
APTIMA Vaginal Swab Collection PDF