H.E.T.L. Lead Program

Child Playing With Old Paint Picture
Lead based paint in older homes is the primary
cause of childhood lead poisoning in the United States

The Blood Lead Program at the Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory (HETL) plays a vital role in the campaign to eliminate blood lead poisoning in children. The results of our testing allow physicians and public health workers to make timely and crucial decisions for children with lead poisoning. In addition to testing individual specimens we collate patient demographic information to help facilitate an epidemiological mapping and statistical analysis program that we share with the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. Essentially, a map is created from the data collected and high prevalence areas and the children that live within these areas are pinpointed. This in turn allows the many people involved in the Maine Lead Poison Prevention Program to increase the screening and follow up care of the children that are at the greatest risk. The Blood Lead Program at the HETL is constantly monitoring itself to assure that physicians, health care workers and ultimately the children are receiving the best and most effective service available.

Childhood Lead Screening and Management Guidelines (PDF)

Quantitative Blood Lead analysis LSIS (Word)

Maine Childhood Lead Prevention Program


Supervisor: Heather Grieser BS, MB (ASCP) phone: (207) 287- 5769

email: Heather.Grieser@maine.gov

For Blood Lead Testing Results or questions regarding testing please contact:
Blood Lead Laboratory Section: (207) 287-6649  or Heather Grieser (see contact info above)

For all other questions please contact

Maine Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Unit

Dr. Maggie Bordeau: phone 287-3222, email margaret.bordeau@maine.gov

For Blood Lead Billing issues or questions please contact:
Nathan Martin: (207) 287-9573
Jasmine Canwell: (207) 287-1701


Blood Lead $20.00
Environmental Lead Dust Wipes $16.00