Newborn Bloodspot Screening Program - For Providers

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Maine Newborn Bloodspot Screening Data:

Newborn Bloodspot Databrief 2022 (PDF)

Newborn Bloodspot Databrief 2021 (PDF)

Rules are being updated to reflect timeliness goals from the Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns Children, view the current Maine rules.

Contact Information- If there is urgent need for a newborn screening test result, and the Maine Newborn Bloodspot Screening office is closed, please contact the New England Newborn Screening Laboratory online or by phone at 774-455-4600


Midwives are able to order two ways:

  1. Order NBS filter papers by filling out the Midwife Order Form (PDF) with a check or money order
  2. Order NBS filter papers using our online ordering service at the following site payment with credit or debit card only.


To order NBS filter papers:

  1. Fax a purchase order (PO) to (207) 287-4743
  2. Use our online ordering service – requires credit or debit card payment

To order the needed labels and envelopes to send in your NBS filter papers use this form.

Forms and Materials

Order Maine Newborn Bloodspot Filter Papers

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Obtaining a Bloodspot Specimen

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Cystic Fibrosis

Endocrine Disorders/Marker

Please contact the Maine Newborn Bloodspot Screening Program at 207-287-5351.

Severe Combined Immuno-Deficiency Disorder/Marker