Maine Immunization Program - Information for Providers

ImmPact Data Exchange Resource

  • MIP Vision:
    • To reduce dual data entry between the IIS and external Partners
  • Data Exchange Welcome:
    • Welcome to the Maine Immunization Program IIS Data Exchange effort.
      In 2009/2010 the Maine Immunization Program has worked with several stakeholder agencies to perform data exchange between the State IIS and the local provider Electronic Medical Record. This page will serve a connection point between interested parties and the MIP Data Exchange Efforts.
    • Meaningful Use and Immunization Systems (Word*)
  • Data Exchange Assessment Tools

*The following are representative exchanges and are not a complete listing of all current efforts.

  • IIS to Electronic Medical Records Systems
    • Maine General (Connected)
    • Maine Primary Care Association and Affiliated Locations (Connected)
    • Maine Health (Maine Medical System (In Progress)
    • Pediatric Associates (In Process)
  • Electronic Medical Records Systems to IIS
    • Athena Health
    • Indian Health Services (RPMS)

For more information: Call 207-287-3746 or 1-800-867-4775 (ME Only) 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday thru Friday