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Tuberculosis - Health Care Professionals

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The goal of the Maine Tuberculosis (TB) Program is to eliminate tuberculosis by:

  • Assuring proper identification and treatment of persons who have TB disease
  • Preventing the spread of disease to others
  • Finding, screening and treating persons exposed to those with disease
  • Targeting screening and treatment to populations at high-risk for TB

The TB Program works in collaboration with health care providers, the public health departments and community agencies to conduct surveillance, screening, treatment and containment activities for TB disease and Latent TB Infection (LTBI).

The Maine Tuberculosis Program offers the following services:

  • Recommendations regarding the diagnosis and treatment of active TB disease and LTBI based upon current guidelines
  • Expert medical consultation
  • Public Health Laboratory testing
  • Case management by a Public Health Nurse for active TB and high risk LTBI cases
  • Isolation recommendations
  • Directly observed therapy (DOT)
  • Consultation/technical assistance in conducting contact investigations
  • Disease surveillance, data analysis and monitoring of trends
  • Maintenance of a TB/LTBI registry
  • Free TB medications and services if eligible based upon income
  • Incentives and enablers to facilitate adherence to treatment
  • Educational resources and training for health care professionals
  • Patient educational materials

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