Healthy Homes

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  • Find out how to reduce asthma triggers in your home from the Maine CDC
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Bedbugs and Other Pests

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Childhood Lead Poisoning

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Emergency Preparedness

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Housing Search

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  • Prevent poisonings with help from the Northern New England Poison Center External site disclaimer
  • In Maine, about 200 people die and about 1,000 people go to the hospital each year because of poisonings.
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  • Radon is the number 2 cause of lung cancer.
  • High levels of radon gas are in much of Maine's soil and water. Radon can move up into a home from the ground.
  • The Maine Radon Program can help you learn how to test for radon and fix radon problems.

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Secondhand Smoke & Smoke-free Housing

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Well Water Safety

  • What's in your water? Maine CDC has information about what to test for and how often to test.
  • Almost half of Maine homes use wells for their drinking water. Many of these wells have too much arsenic, uranium or other contaminants.