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Do I need a license to operate a compressed air facility?

Yes. A Department of Health and Human Services license is required for any supplier of compressed air that fills or supplies any breathing apparatus such as but not limited to, diving tanks and emergency responder breathing units with life supporting gases in the State of Maine. Fire departments are exempt from licensing requirements as long as the use of the apparatus is restricted to departmental use in fighting fires.

How do I apply for a license to operate a compressed air facility?

You may download an application or call the Health Inspection Program's main line at 207-287-5671 for a hard copy.

How soon can I receive my license?

Once a complete application with satisfactory air quality test has been submitted, the licensing clerk will issue the license generally within a week.

How much does a license to operate a compressed air facility cost?

Please refer to the fee table located within the application.

Are licenses transferable?

No. Health Inspection Program licenses are not transferable.

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Are there any special requirements for air cylinders?

Yes. Air filling stations shall not fill self-contained underwater breathing apparatus that lack a U.S. Department of Transportation markings (or Interstate Commerce Commission-ICC, if manufactured prior to January 1, 1970) verifying that the cylinder has been hydrostatically tested with 5 years of the date of filling. Cascade system cylinders shall be hydrostatically tested at 5 year intervals.

Protective barriers or isolated areas must be provided to protect operators against possible air cylinder failure during filling.

Is an inspection needed to supply compressed air?

No. To be eligible for initial or renewal license, a supplier of compressed air must provide certification from a tester of compressed air based on an inspection in the 6 months prior to application that the compressor equipment, air quality and compressor filling procedures are in compliance with rules of the department.

Who do I speak with if I have technical questions about the requirements to supply compressed air?

You may call the Health Inspection Program main line at 207-287-5671 for questions.

What other regulations do I need to be aware of to supply compressed air?

You should check with your local municipal officials to see if there are any permits that you must obtain before supplying compressed air.

Where can I find the compressed air rules?

The Rules Relating to the Licensing of Suppliers of Compressed Air Used in Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuscan be downloaded or we can mail you a hard copy. Download a copy of the Rules.

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