Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get my own room?

Most of our rooms in the main building are set up to accommodate two people. All the rooms in the gero-psychiatric unit are single occupancy. You will have your own bed, chair, and shelves for personal items. DDPC always strives to keep everyone safe. You will not be put in a room with anyone that would compromise your safety or harm you.

Can I smoke?

No, DDPC is a tobacco-free campus. You can’t smoke on the campus or any time you are off grounds with a DDPC staff member.

Can my family/friends call and visit?

DDPC encourages healthy relationships and believes in maintaining contact with your natural support system. A patient phone is accessible on each unit. You may receive and place calls from this phone. Please see the Visitor’s Guidelines for more information about visitations. Patient computers are available with a doctor’s order.

Will I be confined to a locked unit all day and night?

Although you will be on a locked unit, there is the opportunity for movement off the unit and off the hospital campus with staff accompanying you. These opportunities are determined by your treatment team based on treatment needs, your safety, comfort level, and legal status. There are several fresh air breaks offered each day in the outside secure yards.

How long will I be in the hospital?

The time spent in the hospital is different for everyone and will depend on your clinical presentation and legal status. We start planning for discharge as soon as you are admitted. Your discharge plan will be discussed at each of your treatment plan meetings and is what we are all here to help you prepare for.

Do I need to go to groups?

You will be offered several types of treatment throughout your hospitalization based on your individual needs and treatment plan. We encourage your participation in groups as well as developing your treatment plan. We offer multi-disciplinary groups, individual sessions, medication, therapeutic activities and comprehensive discharge planning.

Can I wear my own clothes?

You are encouraged to wear only your own clothing. You will not need more than five changes of clothes. Some clothing items may not be permitted due to potential safety concerns for you or others in the environment. Examples of clothing with potential safety concerns: anything with strings such as sweatshirts or sweatpants, and scarves. Laundry facilities are available to you throughout the day under staff supervision and staff can assist you if needed. We can also provide you with essential clothing if needed.