Patient Information

What to Expect When you Arrive

When you arrive at DDPC admission staff will be there to greet you.

You may have your family, guardian, or significant person in your life accompany you or meet you at DDPC if you wish. Some people find this helpful in decreasing the anxiety they may be experiencing about the transfer to DDPC. 

Once you arrive in the admissions area, the physician specializing in the admissions process will ask you some simple questions about your medical/mental health history and medications, likely similar to questions you've been asked before by medical professionals. You will meet other interdisciplinary staff such as the unit nurse, social worker and medical physician. 

As long as they are not deemed to be unsafe (ex: knives, lighters), you will be able to keep your personal possessions with you in your room.  Once the intake process is complete, the nurse will take you to your assigned unit; at that time you will be given a brief tour and a meal or snack, depending on the time of day. 

You will receive a welcome kit which includes much more detailed information about our facility, your treatment team, unit guidelines, as well as some personal toiletry items.

You will meet with your assigned unit physician and treatment team members on the next business day.  Our main goal at DDPC is to work WITH you in a collaborative manner to help you feel more safe, healthy and empowered to return to the community.

Treatment at DDPC

In addition to medication, which you may or may not be currently taking, we offer and strongly encourage participation in your treatment planning process to assist in the development of a recovery plan for successful community integration upon discharge.

Learn about the different treatment options at DDPC.