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Salmon Brook Lake


Photo: Salmon Brook Lake Bog

Vital Statistics

  • Size: 1,053 acres
  • Regulated: 610 acres
  • Non-Regulated: 443 acres
  • Upland: 363 acres
  • Forested Wetland (NWI): 370 acres
  • Non-Forested Wetland: 253 acres
  • Open Water: 69 acres
  • Roads: trails-1 mile
  • Biophysical Region: Aroostook Highlands/Aroostook Lowlands
  • BPL Region: North
Map showing location of Salmon Brook Lake Ecoreserve

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Exemplary Natural Communities

Scientific Name Common Name State Rank Global Rank
Spruce - Larch Wooded Bog Black Spruce Bog S4 G3G5
Shrubby Cinquefoil - Sedge Circumneutral Fen Circumneutral Fen S2 G2G3
Northern White Cedar Swamp Northern White Cedar Swamp S4 GNR
Sedge - Leatherleaf Fen Lawn Sedge - Heath Fen S4 G4G5
Unpatterned Fen Ecosystem Unpatterned Fen Ecosystem S4 GNR

Rare Plants

Scientific Name Common Name State Rank Global Rank State Status
Coptidium lapponicum Lapland Buttercup S2 G5 T
Valeriana uliginosa Marsh Valerian S2 G4Q SC
Nymphaea leibergii Pygmy Water-lily S1 G5 T
Cypripedium reginae Showy Lady's-slipper S3 G4 T
Amerorchis rotundifolia Small Round-leaved Orchis S1 G5 T
Lonicera oblongifolia Swamp Fly-honeysuckle S3 G4 SC
Photo: Ecologist working in Salmon Brook Lake Bog

Rare Animals

There are no documented occurrences of rare animals within this Ecoreserve. For more information on rare animals in Maine, visit the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.


Located in eastern Aroostook County, the Salmon Brook Lake reserve captures many ecological features characteristic of Maine's northeastern limestone belt, including circumneutral fens, northern white cedar swamps, and numerous rare plants. While only 363 reserve acres are upland, 610 acres were classified as regulated, suggesting that much of the forested wetlands support merchantable timber. Saturated soils cause slow growing conditions, however, and a six inch tree was aged to be over 200 years old. There is little information on harvesting history within the reserve.

Photo: Lapland Buttercup at Salmon Brook Lake

An ATV trail traverses the west side of the Reserve, and a recently constructed trail at the southwest perimeter provides access for small boats.


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Photo: Ecologist working at Salmon Brook Lake