Stetson II Wind Project - DP 4818

T8 R4 NBPP, Washington County

Last updated February 2, 2009

The Land Use Planning Commission received an application for a Development Permit submitted by Stetson Wind II, LLC for a 17 turbine 25.5 megawatt wind energy development to be located in T8 R4 NBPP, Washington County. This project is a "grid-scale" wind energy development, and would be located in an area of LUPC jurisdiction designated for expedited permitting in accordance with Public Law 2008, Chapter 661. This web page is a source of information about the Commission's review of the permit application, including: the application and related materials, the Commission's review criteria and process; procedures for submitting questions or comments about this proposal to the Commission; and additional materials for the application, as they become available. The updates and events table below provides a link to the application, and also lists upcoming public events related to the review of this proposal as they are scheduled.

The documents on this site are available for downloading in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file format. Many of these documents are also available by postal mail upon request and payment of the copying fee by contacting LUPC's office in Augusta (call 207-287-2631 or e-mail

The Commission's Criteria for Approval

Stetson II Windpower Project
Event or Document
12 M.R.S.A., sections 685-B(4), (4-B), and (2-C) - The Commission's enabling statute, including review criteria for approval of wind energy development 12 M.R.S.A
Chapter 661, L.D. 2283 - "An Act To Implement Recommendations of the Governor's Task Force on Wind Power Development"
Commission's Land Use Districts and Standards(Chapter 10) Ch 10: Land Use Districts and Standards (HTML)
Comprehensive Land Use Plan Comprehensive Land Use Plan (HTML)
Commission's Rules of Practice and Rules for the Conduct of Public Hearings - Detailed description of the Commission's rules of practice (Chapter 4), including rules for permit applications, when to hold a public hearing, and procedures for issuing a permit decision; and the Commission's rules for the conduct of a public hearing (Chapter 5), including petitioning for intervention, participation by interested persons, and rules for testimony and questions. Ch 4: Rules of Practice (PDF)
Ch 5: Rules for the Conduct of Public Hearings (PDF)

The Commission's Review Process for Expedited Wind Energy Development

In accordance with 12 M.R.S.A., section 685-B(2-C), the review process for wind energy development in an area of LURC jurisdiction designated for expedited permitting is to be completed within 185 days of accepting an application as complete for processing if no public hearing is held, and 270 days if a public hearing is held. The major steps of the Commission's review process are as follows:

  • Receipt and designation of permit application as complete for processing. After LUPC staff reviewed the initially submitted application and any deficiencies identified were corrected, the application was accepted as complete for processing. The applicant published a Notice of Filing in newspapers prior to November 4, 2008, and mailed the notice to abutting landowners prior to November 25, 2008.
  • Review of application by Commission staff. The LURC staff will conduct a detailed review and analysis of the application. This process may include communication and meeting with the applicant, and state, federal, and local review agencies to clarify issues and request more information, if needed.
  • Review of application by reviewing agencies. In addition to LURC staff review, the application is being distributed to various state, federal, and local agencies for review and comment.
  • Applicant response to agency review comments. All agency review comments will be supplied to the applicant, who will submit a written response with changes to the proposal, if any are needed.
  • Public hearings. A public hearing is not required for the review of an expedited wind energy development, but the Notice of Filing distributed by the applicant instructed that anyone wishing to request a public hearing must do so with in two weeks of the application being designated as complete for processing [reference Chapter 4, section 4.04 (Rules of Practice)]. The public hearing process includes first a decision by the Commission as to whether a hearing will be held. If a hearing is granted, then notice of the hearing is posted in newspapers and to interested parties, any petitions to intervene are decided on, a pre-hearing conference may be held, and the public hearing is held to gather official public testimony regarding the proposal.
  • Commission decision
    1. If no public hearing is held, a staff recommendation on the proposal is prepared, and presented to the Commission for decision at a regular business meeting. If approved, the permit is issued based on the staff recommendation.
    2. If a public hearing is held, the hearing record remains open after the hearing for at least 10 days to allow persons to submit written comments, and for at least an additional 7 days for filing rebuttal comments. After that time, the public hearing record may be re-opened by the Commission, as necessary. Once the hearing record is closed, the Commission makes a decision on the proposal.

Public Participation

The Commission provides opportunity for public scrutiny of wind energy development proposals during the course of its review. A comment period has been established as part of the Commission's review process.The application for the Stetson II Wind Project was accepted as complete for processing on November 25, 2008. At this time, January 19,2008 has been designated as the end of the comment period.The comment period may be extended if significant revisions to the proposal are made, or if a public hearing is granted.

The permit application and information, including additional submittals, deadlines, events, and dates of related decisions can be accessed using links in the table below, which will be updated as needed.

The application is also available for viewing by appointment at LUPC's office in Augusta (call 207-287-4933 or e-mail, LUPC's regional offices in East Millinocket (207-746-2244) and Bangor (207-941-4052), and the Washington County Commissioner's office in Machias (contact Linda Pagels Wentworth, 207-255-3127).

If you would like to be added to our list of interested parties for this project, please provide your name, postal or e-mail address, and daytime phone number by phone (207-287-4933) or email to

Project Updates and Upcoming Events

This table lists, in chronological order, project updates and upcoming events related to the review of this proposal. The table also provides a link to the application, and to any additional materials submitted by the applicant as they become available. All documents in the file, including materials not posted on this web site, are available for public inspection at the LUPC Augusta office (see Public Participation, above) by appointment.

Updates and Event
11/4/2008 Initial application submitted for completeness review LUPCs wind energy facility permit checklist Windpower Permitting Checklist
11/25/2008 Application for Development Permit DP 4818, submitted by Stetson Wind II, LLC, accepted as complete for processing Application and Exhibit 1 (36 MB PDF)
Exhibits 2 through 10 (11 MB PDF)
Exhibits 11 through 13 (17 MB PDF)
Exhibit 14 (34 MB PDF)
Exhibits 15 through 23 (33 MB PDF)
Figures (4 MB PDF)
Narrative (.5 MB PDF)
LURC Submittal Letter (.25 MB PDF)
12/9/2008 Deadline for requesting a public hearing  
12/5/2008 to 1/19/2009 Outside agency and public review and comment period  
1/20/2009 Applicant's response to agency review comments (Part 1) Applicant's response (.54 MB PDF)
1/21/2009 Commission decision to not hold a public hearing, and staff recommendations Commission memo (54KB PDF)
3/4/2009 Final Action Final Action (.4 MB PDF)