Working Waterfront Access Protection Program

Status: Accepting Applications

About the Funds

Through a competitive application process matching funds are available to assist commercial fisheries businesses, co-ops, municipalities, and other interested parties in securing strategically significant working waterfront properties to protect vital resources that support commercial fisheries. Funds can be used to purchase property dedicated entirely to aquaculture and commercial fisheries use, or for mixed use properties where the portion used to support commercial fishing business can be clearly delineated and its use secured. There is a strong preference for projects that protect and secure the use of existing, established fishing facilities and access sites over projects that involve development of new access sites and facilities.

Eligible Applicants

An application to LMF requires sponsorship from the Department of Marine Resources. The applicant must be the owner of the working waterfront property or have an interest in its purchase and seek to place a restrictive working waterfront covenant on its use.

Project proposals can come from

  • private businesses engaged in and/or directly supporting commercial fishing activities and
  • cooperatives, municipalities, non-profits, or other qualified parties for projects that will provide permanent access for use by commercial fisheries businesses.

Once proposals have been submitted, the Department of Marine Resources has the responsibility for bringing working waterfront projects to the Land for Maine’s Future Board for funding approval.

Application Materials

2024 WWAPP Complete Workbook (PDF)
Working Waterfront Covenant Summary (DOC)